North Shields Collaborative

Teaching School Alliance

2B    Classics 3

Explicit modelling for reading comprehension.

 Delivered by Sandra Marshall and Nicola Brown

4A   Classics 2

Overcoming Illiteracy with Reading Recovery

 A research based early prevention programme. Supporting literacy leadership within schools.

Delivered by Kerry Clegg, Accredited Reading Recovery Teacher Leader

1A    Classics 2

Effective use of interventions to support children, including phonological awareness.

Delivered by Anna Irving and Paula Wilson

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2A    Classics 2

Developing stamina in reading and explicit teaching of vocabulary.

Delivered by Kate Pritchard

Click here for the presentation given by John Beattie

3B    Classics 3

Simple changes to make a big impact.

Literacy best practice, what all leaders should know and what to look out for on the horizon.

Delivered by Chris Ratcliffe, Scholastic

Click here for the presentation given by Tom Martell