North Shields Collaborative

Teaching School Alliance

North East EEF Primary Literacy

KS1 and KS2 Campaign

What is it about?
To encourage schools to work together, the EEF is partnering with ShiNE and North Shields Collaborative Teaching School Alliances to encourage all schools in the area to align best practice recommendations to their Literacy practice as part of the EEF Primary Literacy Campaign running June 2017 to July 2019. The Programme is an exciting opportunity for schools across the region to integrate learning of best practice further into existing school priorities in respect of literacy, including Early Years language and communication, and to develop new work together.

Why should your school sign up to this programme?
To gain access to educational research designed to help you evaluate whether your school is adopting the most effective approaches to improving pupil attainment.

What does it involve?
Through an exciting and innovative programme, your school will benefit from using cutting edge proven strategies delivered by high-quality classroom practitioners within a climate of sharing and collaboration.


*Participating schools will be required to make a nominal contribution of £325 to engage in the duration of the 2 year- Programme, and these funds will be fed back directly into the school package of support (worth over £1700 per school). Thereafter, schools will engage in fully funded provision including Conferences, Specialist Literacy support in school, CPD training and Literacy materials during the Programme.


To find out more or book your place on the programme contact

School commitments:

·         Share learning with other schools.

·         Fully engage with the programme to improve practice further.

·         Ensure schools engage in SLE Impact Support (NT, New, North).

·         Identify a strategic (Head Teacher/SLT) and operational lead (Literacy Co-ordinator) to develop the project in school.

Participating schools will receive:

1.    Training and support in evidence-based practice where appropriate.

2.    Materials, processes and facilitation for the sharing of ideas and practice.

·         1st half-day conference with the latest EEF literacy guidance: Launch Conference June 23rd to be held at Gosforth Marriott Hotel

·         September-Oct Impact Support: First SLE half-day visit (audit and action plan) to facilitate implementation of the guidance.

·         2nd Full-day conference February CPD Development Day: CPD Modules Full day of workshops, EEF resources, Teaching and Training opportunities in evidence-based programmes, including Early Years language and communication.

·         Coaching and development programme for middle leaders, delivered by teaching schools, as required – optional.

·         3rd half-day conference Jan-March Observation Day: Observations of Best Practice Events take place to share existing and developing excellence within North of the river schools.

·         May-June Impact Support: Second SLE half-day visit (evaluation and impact)

·         4th half-day conference September 2018 Impact Day: half-day conference (free to attend)

·         Opportunities to participate in large EEF trials.

Recruitment of schools and other settings begins formally June 2017 and runs over the 2017/18 academic year.